Ewan Rants: Was The Hype for GTA V PC Worth It?

Right, GTA V has been out for a good year or so now on consoles, but it isn’t a real game until it’s out on PC, so say the PC Master Race. Now, I’m not picking sides, I play consoles and PC, they both have their benefits and downfalls, but was this hype really worth it? No, is the short answer, I’ll try and explain as best I can, but in short, it’s just the PC Master Race flinging their shit because of a Grand Theft Auto game that to be honest, was just an OK game, nothing more.

Right, let’s look at this from a console gamers standpoint first. You’ve just found out that GTA V is being released soon, when it is released, you purchase it and spend many weeks enjoying it, then updates are continuously released when your fun runs dry which adds new entertainment and challenges to do. The PC release is announced along with heists, rejoice, heist mode and the PC gamers will also enjoy this fairly fun game!

Heists and the PC release are pushed back, multiple times, everyone throws their opinions into a mesh pit of nobody caring, then heists are released, while the PC release is pushed back. Obviously, this is going to create some backlash, I mean, the game has been out well over a year, it’s an OK game, but nothing to go crazy over.

I should just mention quickly, I love Rockstar and their games, just GTA V wasn’t for me, I do occasionally play it with friends, but it’s not my first choice for an evening of entertainment, that belongs to blitzing through Halo: The Master Chief Collection

So, what’s the problem? When GTA V was finally released for PC, most people, or most of my PC gaming friends went absolutely apeshit. They were saying it’s the holy grail of gaming, however half of them couldn’t launch the game because it refused to do so. When I confronted them with a tiny bit of trolling, by sending them this which seemed to make them get rather annoyed to say the least. Needless to say I was told to shut up because “the console releases had problems”, to which I replied that the console releases were a year prior and the console players have had the game for over a year to enjoy. Now I’m not beating on Rockstar here, it’s very difficult to make a game, let alone port it over to next gen consoles and PC, I’m not trying to beat up Rockstar here like I stated previously.

Long story short, some of my PC gamer friends threw a fit of rage when I sent them Titanic flute music and explained that the console gamers had been enjoying the game for roughly a year.

Also the first person is naff.

But I’m here to answer that question, was it worth the hype? To be honest, no, it wasn’t. When GTA V was released on PC, multiple people were excited, followed by angered, followed by dissapointment, a lot of people couldn’t actually play the game, followed by people realising they could’ve just bought GTA IV and the DLC for a much cheaper price.

When will people learn?

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Is It Worth Watching: Futurama

I just started binge watching a load of shows all at once, so why not make some use out of all my watching of three seasons a day and make a post about it. I’ve got a load of TV Shows and movies to watch through, so why not. We’ll kick things off with Futurama. Now I must admit, I’m a lot better at game reviews than I am with TV show and movie reviews, however as time goes on it’ll get better and we’ll enjoy it all the more. This is a TV show with 7 seasons, so instead of analysing the show as a whole, I thought I’d analyse each season individually.

Season 1 – 13 Episodes

Season 1 gave us such classic episodes such as I, Roomate, Space Pilot 3000 and My Three Suns. This season does a great job of introducing us to our main characters which consists of Phillip J. Fry, Turanga Leela, Bender, Professor Farnsworth, Amy Wong, Hermes Conrad and everyone’s favourite Dr. Zoidberg. The first season definitely has a strong lineup of episodes with no horrendously awful episodes to be seen.

Best Episode: Fry and the Slurm Factory

Basically mocking “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” this episode is full of laughs, music and introduced the fan favourite “Slurms McKenzie”. Fry, Bender, Leela and the gang find themselves at a factory which is extremely resemblant of the classic film “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” (Which is a fantastic film) along with the “Grunka Lunkas” (The equivalent of Oompa Loompas) and all along with snippets of song, comedic gestures and nods to the original film the episode is based on.

Worst Episode: A Fishful of Dollars

The whole episode consists of Fry looking for Anchovies, then sticking them on a pizza because anchovies died out, definitely not the strongest episode in the series, but still has it’s fair few laughs even if the plot is a little fishy. See what I did there? Huh? HUH? HUH? DID YOU SEE WHAT I DID THERE?

Season 2 – 19 Episodes

Season 2 was 6 episodes longer than the first season, which is always nice. The more Futurama the better, this season did a fantastic job of making us love our main characters even more than we already did. It even introduced some new, recurring characters that have been our favourites ever since, most notably President Nixon and Robot Santa.

Best Episode: How Herme’s Requisitioned his Groove Back/The Cryonic Woman

I didn’t honestly know which episode to pick for this one, I like “How Herme’s Requisitioned his Groove Back” because it showed us some depth to one of the other Planet Express members, who at this point hadn’t had a large story arch like this one. I also picked “The Cryonic Woman” because it show’s what happens when Fry’s ex-girlfriend comes to the future and how their relationship has an affect on the rest of the Planet Express crew.

Worst Episode: The Honking

Honestly, the reason for me not liking this episode is because it’s that overdone. We’ve seen the original piece of work being Werewolf transformations and car related shenanigans in all manner of shows, movies, books and such. Futurama really didn’t hit the nail on the head with this one either, which is a shame because it could’ve been done fairly well.

Season 3 – 21 Episodes

Season 3, it made us laugh, cry and get emotionally attached to a plant that Fry was trying to find. It gave us a lot more information about Fry’s past, Bender gets a boost in plot points and it also gave us plot points to revolve around Farnsworth’s and Herme’s kids…
This episode was great because it was one of the episodes to show how the Planet Express crew have had accidental impacts on history, being sent back to Roswell, Zoidberg is captured and is deemed an alien while everyone else has to fix the ship, also some very interesting things happen to Fry…
Bleh, this episode is strange. In it, Zapp, Kiff, Amy and Leela all end up on some island where there’s women who only want “snu-snu”, Bender and Fry are there, then there’s a giant computer? I don’t know, this episode was really messy in turn with no real direction of plot.
Season 4 – 18 Episodes
The one with the dead dog. This series is probably the most critically acclaimed amongst fans and for good reason, a plethora of good episodes to choose from. The characters are given some great backstory’s and episodes as well which is always good.
Well, that was expected really wasn’t it? Seymour and all that, it made me cry and was certainly one of the best episodes just for the ending scene alone. Three Hundred Big Boys is an interesting one, everyone get’s $300. Fry buys 100 coffee’s, it is amazingly funny seeing how Fry slowly turns into a maniacal freak solely devoted to coffee and after that final coffee, just wow, I think I might try it.

Worst Episode: Bend Her

Bender becomes a woman. I, I don’t think I need to say anything else, so I wont, this is the end of the sentence.

This is the first time the show got cancelled, but don’t worry, we still have 3 more seasons to go through.

Season 5 – 4 Movies

When Futurama was initially cancelled, Cartoon Network bought the rights to it and put the episodes on their Adult Swim channel, which boosted sales by, a lot. When the contract ran out, FOX bought back Futurama and they started to make new episodes of the show, to boot up the series again, they made 4 movies, released straight to DVD, you can probably split each movie into 4 episodes each. I watched all four of these movies in a day. So, unlike the previous four, I don’t want to spilt these into Best Episode/Worst Episode, or even best movie for that matter.
Why? Because they were all equally as boring, I’m not saying they were bad, but I think this is when I realised that Futurama was not gonna be the same as the previous four seasons. Don’t get me wrong, the movies were funny, but they just weren’t as good as what had previously been delivered. I think the one I liked the most was Bender’s Big Score, it was funny, made the whole storyline confusingly awkward, yet believable.
The worst one, Into The Wild Green Yonder was just boring. That’s really all I have to say on the matter, it was boring. However if you like cool music, then watch Bender’s Game, the credit sequence has some great music. That leaves the other one, the Beast with a Billion Backs, that was OK, I’ve seen it before quite a lot so it was boring to watch it again, however funny it was.
Season 6 – 26 Episodes

So this is the series reboot after the four movies, that’s all I’ve really got to say about that. This series is OK, not the best start up to the reboot of a show that got cancelled but it’ll do.

Best Episode: Attack of the Killer App

I’m not sure why I liked this episode so much, maybe it’s because of the mad craze that we call Twitter, this episode took the mick and turned everyone into mindless zombies that bought new phones, just like Apple have done. It also features the infamous “Shut up and take my money” meme.

Worst Episode: The Duh-Vinci Code

So Leonardo da Vinci’s secret invention was found in his old beard. We’re off to a great start aren’t we? Then all of Leonardo’s inventions fit together to make a spaceship and they fly off to his home planet…I’m pretty sure somebody got fired over this episode. I’m hoping so…

Season 7 – 26 Episodes
The last season of Futurama was extremely disappointing, there was a plethora of poor quality episodes that just had a stupid idea to revolve around or they just weren’t funny.
Murder on the Planet Express was actually really cool, left Bender and Fry cold blooded killers when an evil space alien that can shapeshift comes aboard the ship and starts eating everyone when they’re on a team building exercise. I definitely enjoyed Stench and Stenchibility as well, it gave Zoidberg a nice plot point that, actually was pretty well delivered. Meanwhile was the final episode in the series, so it had to be good, which it was, so I’m not going to even think about spoiling that one.
Worst Episode: The Rest of Season 7
Yeah, I didn’t have any strong feelings for the rest of the episodes, they’re not worth talking about to be honest, the Zoidberg eating money at the casino episode was pretty good but other than that, nothing worth it.
But it all comes down to one question doesn’t it?
Is it worth watching?
Of course it is you fool, why would I have stuck with it for seven seasons if it wasn’t worth watching? Stop what you’re doing and go and watch it, right now.

Ewan’s Rants: The Five Nights at Freddy’s Game Series

I  want to talk to you all about a very popular game series that I have never played and don’t plan on playing or reviewing, just doing one article on it, which is this. I cannot stress this enough, these are my OPINIONS. If I offend anyone then, well, I’m not too fussed, you’re probably one of those die hard fans, if you can’t establish opinion from fact then please, there’s the door, uhm, somewhere. This is gonna be me ranting on about a whole load of kerfuffle and garbage for a while, so don’t mind me.

Five Nights at Freddies is extremely popular. I’ve seen people review this game on Steam, well, give their opinions, a lot of them saying that it’s the greatest horror game they’ve played, it’s a giant jumpscare that made them shit themselves.

Unfortunately, that is what the game is, one big jumpscare, that is all. A “strategy” game revolving around a huge jumpscare is what makes up this game. I can comandeer the first instalment of the series, it was a step in the right direction and a new breath on the horror genre, with your character helpless, with only some Fallout-esq doors to save him. The second one, while yes, did add new things, was basically the same concept, with the safety of your doors taken away, replacing the game’s already functioning horror element with a new, more gimmick-y one. Stick on the mask and hide from the monsters, wind up the jukebox to keep the birthday surprise away.

While yes, I do think that both the first two games were fun in their own respects, the third one delivered nothing new to the table. Before I talk about that, I want to mention the release date schedule, while the games are good, I have a feeling that halfway through the first game, the developer realised this was a good cash cow, ripe for the milking, and began developing an intricate plot to what could’ve been a very simple game. I’m not saying adding a rich story to your game is bad, but he left so many plot and loop holes that it left the player hungry for more. Which, in essence, is a good thing, but this was a blatant cash grab, and with the announcement of a fourth installment and a MOVIE, it’s definitely been taken too far.

No, I haven’t played any of the games, I wont play them either, I don’t like horror games, not my genre of choice to peruse. However, I do see the appeal of a jump scare, shit your pants game. As for the sequel, it was a push, then the announcement of a sequel to the sequel a mere few months later and you’re starting to make Call of Duty games look like a rare occasion that comes around once every ten years, and when it does we should break out the emergency party poppers, buy a cake and set it on fire, offering it to our overlords so that they release more mediocre shooters. But I digress, is it a functioning and well made game? Yes. It’s fairly easy to copy a majority of code and stick it onto another game, slap a “3” at the end and say it’s new content, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that the second, third, fourth and movie isn’t necessary.

What could’ve been a fairly respectable franchise has turned into EA’s money making dreams, a finite source, but there are more than enough fans of the franchise to hype up the next installments that they make more money each time one comes out, which is a shame overall, because there’s a lot of other games out there. When seeing some people’s strange”devotion” to the series, it’s oddly disturbing to sometimes find yourself on a forum or Reddit or other media websites to voice your opinion on the game, only to be ripped to pieces by die hard fans.

I don’t have anything against the fan base, obviously the vast majority of them are lovely people, but those few that give the fanbase a bad rep are just repulsive enough to give the community itself a bad rep. Believe me when I say this Scott Cawthon, the creator of the series is a damned genius for leaping on this genre and unique idea when he did. However from the perspective of a non-fan, it’s fairly obvious that the cash cow has been milked, and there’s still a lot to go around. Of course, for the fans of the game, this is an enjoyable and fun experience for many of the consumers, but I think Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw put it best in his review of the game.

“But in horror games, jump-scares are more something I grudgingly tolerate more than something I want. They’re to horror what a fart joke is to comedy.”

Very true, a horror game should be more than a giant jump-scare, which Five Night’s at Freddy’s. You know what FNAF is an anagram for? NAFF. Like the sequels to the game series and what the movie will be. The second point there, a fart joke to comedy, very true, they’ve been so overdone that it’s difficult to make them scary, but Cawthon has made it work, almost too well to be quite honest and what has amassed from that is a hype train so big it’s ruined other non-fan’s or newcomers enjoyment, it’s like Frozen, it may have been good, but it’s that over-hyped and loved that it just wont die and a sequel is being made, such is the same of FNAF.

However, the app they’re bringing out looks scary as hell, all aboard the hype train!

Gamepad: Why last generation Black Ops 3 versions are a mistake


If you’ve been following gaming news then you probably already know what this article is about. If you don’t, well, yesterday Activison announced that the versions of Black Ops 3 for PS3 and Xbox 360 will feature “Zombies” and “Multiplayer” only. The explanation they give is that the scope of the singleplayer campaign is too big for previous generation hardware to handle, and they couldn’t replicate it. Of course Activision also announced that the game will go from 59.99$ to 49.99$ for previous gen. The problem here isn’t that they think Multiplayer is worth 50 dollars, but that they consider the story to be worth no more than 10 bucks. In my personal opinion this is unacceptable, it’s obvious they’re trying to milk the last drops of life from the already dying PS3 and Xbox 360. However there was a similar case recently with Mortal Kombat X. After six months of silence about the game’s versions for previous generation, Netherrealm Studios were forced to cancel the release of the game for older systems, because they weren’t happy with the results…

Multiplayer only versions mean aren’t as unimaginable as one might think, because let’s face it, the Call of Duty campaign always feels a bit neglected. It’s the online experience that people are after. What they want is to play Co-op, Online, Zombies or whatever. A very small amount of people would buy the game only for the campaign. Of course speculation rises that Activision is potentially laying the groundwork for a Multiplayer only versions of Call of Duty. Honestly I can see that happening, due to the fact that the Call of Duty franchise doesn’t really have a direction to go to. At this point every era is pretty much explored and it’s only choice is to become a Halo-esque game or make a few more games set in WWII.

But let’s talk about last gen consoles. At this point it’s been almost two years since they’re out, and even though there’s Games with Gold or PS Plus, there aren’t many games coming out for those platforms. However, we’re yet to reach the point where every new game comes out for current gen ONLY, even though PS3 or Xbox 360 have an estimated one year of life before they become completely irrelevant, and like every other company out there, Activision is trying to broaden it’s scope and make the game accessible to a larger audience even though it may be missing the singleplayer version, after all their main focus is money (just like every company out there).

In my honest opinion though, I can’t really see why they wouldn’t be able to bring the WHOLE game on last gen. Sure, they could do a hell of a downgrade and they probably tried that, but a game should have the same features for all platforms, not missing some in different versions. If they system can’t handle it, don’t release it. Simple as that.,,

The Quick Save: This Week in Gaming September 25th

The Quick Save logo

Hey everyone! Welcome to another installment of The Quick Save where I help you catch up on some of the biggest headlines from the last week in video games. I will interject with my own opinion on may of these topics but I do my best to make sure that fact and opinion are clearly separated. This week was a quiet one in the news sector but big releases are definitely happening as video games are releasing for the holiday season whether you like it or not. Continue reading

Achievement Unlocked! – Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious

Platform: Xbox One
Time to Complete: 2 – 3 Hours
Gamerscore Available: 1000G
Gamerscore Achievable: 1000G

Another one of these eh? Aye, why not, the first one was (hopefully) well received so I’ve written a few more, this time we’ll be looking at the moderately alright game Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious which is a mouthful. Continue reading

Gamepad: How the Taken King saves Destiny


The Taken King is the third expansion to Destiny, blah blah blah level cap increase, new gear etc. Have you played the first expansion? Well basically you go on the moon and kill a baddie that wants to take over Earth, and now his daddy found out and he’s out to get ya. On a more serious note though, Bungie really did their best to create an interesting story, something that fans and critics alike agreed was lacking prior to the new expansion. And boy, the story is something else. The Taken King (TTK for short) starts with a cinematic that, without going into spoilers, shows us that Crota’s dad (the Taken King in question) doesn’t fool around while he parks his massive ship in the rings of Saturn preparing to for his assault on Earth. Continue reading